About Us

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to Mystical Berries!

I'm Garima. I'm a wifey, coffee lover, fun geeky curious girl, ambivert & sometimes socially awkward, not-your-usual badass boutique babe behind Mystical Berries. 

I believe in “no talkie before coffee” mornings, setting positive intentions & listening to high vibe music while dancing in my PJs.

Mystical Berries started as a joint venture with my hubby. There was no plan, we just wanted to build a place where people could come to get inspired & surround themselves with positivity & motivation; a place away from the negative chit-chat & the constant judgment.

Far too often in the society, we are told what to do & what not to, we are discouraged to go beyond the norms and constantly faced by negativity & trolls trying to pull each other down. That quite frankly is BS and that's how Mystical Berries was born. Clothing for babes radiating positivity, confidence & a NO BS attitude; babes who believe in creating their own lanes, showing up however they want & not living by the societal norms.

I thrive to provide you with t-shirts that are just as soft as their old worn out favorite tee that represents your style.

Our motto at Mystical Berries is - Forget the rules, if you like it - WEAR IT!

The website is aimed to provide you with products & resources of all kind that distinguish you from the rest. I want to inspire you to not only wear whatever you want but also help you live your life in a way THAT YOU WANT TO. I want this to be a safe place where you can be unapologetically yourself, choose kindness, choose love and choose coffee without any judgment. 

Here's a sneak into my life #behindthescene