When Weather Gets Rough, The Tough Go Shopping

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Winter is coming!

Depending on where you are, the famous Stark phrase stands true for you (unless you are in Australia). I don't know about you but winters make me wanna go into hibernation & never come out until it's sunny & warm again. . . but winter's also the time of the year to snuggle in your big sweaters, drink hot cocoa and watch Netflix! 

So how do you do both?

Let me introduce you to a girl's best friend. .no we are not talking diamonds... we are talking Amazon; to help you enjoy winters snuggled in bed & by the fireplace.

To make winters fun & easy today I'm sharing my favorite "When Weather Gets Rough, The Tough Go Shopping, Winter Must Haves".


"Girl where did ya get that?" Scarf!

Plaid Blanket Scarf  Knit Infinity Scarf  Large Cashmere Triangle Scarf

Winters & dry skin is like two BFFs that aren't fit for each other. This year find a new BFF for your skin. You don't have to go a 10-step routine (because who has time for that!) but these basics products will keep your skin healthy & hydrated. 

winter-must-have-serum winter-eye-mask winter-must-have-scrub 
(click images for links)

Not only is the lip balm on every babe's essentials list... but here are some other must-haves I love to use -

Maybelline Lip Balm  Maybelline Skin Primer  
Oversized Slouch Beanie Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa 

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