How To Get Your Sh*t Together

Boss up High Vibes

But I know there are times.... when you feel like a #hotmess or that you need to get your sh*t together!

And I'm here to remind you that you are not alone!

It's A-OKAY to feel like that.. . to have moments where you feel confused.

BUTTTT a #curiousbabe also knows that it's NOT A-OKAY to throw yourself a pity party.

It's NOT A-OKAY to marinate in that feeling but rather. . . get the eff up & get your SHIT together.

And how do you do that?!

Here are some of my favorite tips to Get Your Sh*t Together -

🖤 Journal - One of the reasons of being confused is not having clarity of what you want. So if you are feeling confused, write down your goals. Journal. Free write what being "not" confused feels like & 3 steps you can take to be that "not" confused self.

🖤 Make a schedule - Depending on the kind of person you are, create a weekly/daily schedule with all your tasks. Remember, there's a difference between pushing yourself & over-crowding your to-do list. Pushing yourself yields positive results buttttt if you just overcrowding it, you might end up procrastinating and not doing anything at all.

🖤 Wake up early - I know it's a hard one & I struggle with this too (sometimes!) but get up early so you have time to do creative tasks, things that make you happy & feel aligned.

🖤 Get rid of distractions - What distracts you from finishing your work? Maybe the kids walking in every 5 minutes or your pet keeps scratching the door? Set up your business hours and make sure it's off limits for kids, pets and everyone else in the house. Also, schedule time for things like taking your kids to the park, checking email, social media, watching TV etc. so you are creating a balance between work, self-time & family.

🖤 Fuel your Curiosity- Use your time to explore things you don't otherwise. If you don't want to work, find something you are curious about & read more about it. Doing house chores or driving? Listen to a podcast! Feel like watching a movie? Choose a topic you are curious about & pick a documentary to watch! Fuel your #curiosity because you never know where the next aligned action/idea comes from!

🖤Give yourself time to recharge - Be realistic and respectful towards your body, soul & mind—nourish yourself.

🖤 Positive Thinking & Self Love - Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions and your actions become your reality.
🖤 Surround yourself with POSITIVE shit!! - It's a cliche for sure but when you surround yourself with high vibe things like - your favorite quote on a mug or a positive quote on a poster or even a small sticker on your laptop.. can make a HUGE difference on how you feel!
PS - At mysticalberries, we are fulll of positive sh*t made especialy to make you feel RAD & high vibe! Check out some of my favorites here.
I'd love to know. . . What makes YOU feel like “damn I got my shit together?" Tell us in the comments below!

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