6 Tips to Overcome Self - Doubt

Boss up overcoming self doubt

Girllll you are a badass. Don't let anyone (including yourself!) tell you otherwise!

You see the thing with self-doubt is that the lil bugger creeps in when you the most excited, happy or confident; when you stepping out of your comfort zone & taking action that's when out of nowhere it shows up!

If you are a new business owner, starting something you've never done before self-doubt often shows up in the form of thoughts like - what if I failed or what if I'm not good at it. And if you encounter slight issues, the doubt multiples.

I've been there! When I started my boutique, I had no idea about anything. I didn't know how I would find the products or how to answer customer queries & if there was an issue I started doubting myself & whether all this was worth it.

I dealt with issues like getting my orders canceled by a supplier, leaving me to deal with an angry customer to shipment getting lost & paying for the second-order from my pocket till I get a refund or price calculator fkkkking up the calculation and selling 5 X $70 items for $30 all when I was sleeping leaving me to deal with the mess of canceling orders or paying from my own pocket.... BUT then 1 message from a customer thanking me for the efforts and telling me how their grandkid lovedd his gift and it alll makes sense as to WHY I'm doing this! And all the self-doubt used to go away!

I’ve dealt with the doubts.... the frustrations and the negative chit chat!

I’ve been there... a new biz owner trying to fit into the world of entrepreneurs and creating my own path as I go and that’s why I’m here to tell you that — IT GETS EASIER because you learn to overcome the doubts for your bigger purpose.

How to overcome self-doubt?

Let's talk about ways you can overcome self-doubt. This is not your typical motivational blog. These are tips that I have personally tried & tested on myself & my clients (perks of being a boutique coach!) that have worked & showed positive results.

Here are 6 ways you can overcome self-doubt anytime the sneaky lil bugger finds its way back into your life —

++ One step at a time — Don’t jump 10 steps ahead! Pick 1 task and if at the end of the day that’s all you do.. be proud of yourself for doing it! Start fresh again tomorrow.

++ Take 5 — When you are faced with an issue or angry client... don’t take it personally!! Put yourself in their shoes.. they trusted you and they equally worried about their investment as you would be if it happened to you. Take 5 deeeeep breaths and then work on providing them with a solution!

++ Dance it off — Put on some Beyoncé or Taylor Swift tunes & dance it off! Too shy?! Close the door! Dancing will not only change your energy buttt also gives you endorphins that make you happy!! 

++ Yayyy Me! File — Create a Yayyyy Me! file or folder in my phone filled with feedbacks, comments & reviews from your clients that brings you back to your WHY! Why you started this business... who do you want to help and go through it every time there’s a hickup!!

++ Don’t throw yourself a pity party — Had an issue??! Put on a timer for 5mins to cry or get angry but once the timer goes off, dust yourself and move on! If you can’t change it STOP thinking about it! If you can.. take the necessary steps to do it! 

++ Have a physical reminder on your desk or over you to motivate you - Okay, I know this is contrary to what I said above (not being a regular motivational blog!) but according to the Law of Attraction if you concentrate on something positive for 17 seconds, it starts to multiply & attract more of those thoughts into your life.. . and what better way to do so by having a reminder on or beside you?

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It’s easy to dwell & see the bigger picture sometimes when you stuck in the rut but you've got to remember that it’s NOT happening TO YOU but it’s happening FOR YOU and you’ll start to see the shift.

How do you deal with self-doubt? Share your go-to tried & tested way to overcome the negative chit chat in the comments below!

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