5 Ways to Boss the F*ck Up

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Being an entrepreneur gives you the FREEDOM you need to follow your dreams, live at your own terms. work from anywhere and spend days doing whatever you want as you don't have to report to anyone but yourself.

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At the same entrepreneurship can become & feel lonely because you all by yourself working on your projects & not always surrounded by #kickass high vibing people.

It's your job to create an atmosphere where you can thrive, do epic work & create amazeballs designs for your tribe. Nobody wants to just glide through a busy day & live a monotonous life, being a job did that & that's NOT why you transitioned into being your own boss!

Here are "5 Ways to Boss the F*ck Up" & be productive than just plane-jane busy -

Put your phone on DND during working hours – The constant ringing of phones, messages, notifications are a major distraction when working & getting on the high flying disc of making sh*t happen! So during the work hours or whenever you sit down to work, set your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode so you can concentrate on getting things done.

Remove all distractions from your workplace – Do you take 30 minutes to do a 5-minute job? Darling, it's time to get rid of all the distractions! Set up your business hours and make sure it’s off limits for kids, pets and everyone else in the house.

Don’t repeatedly check social media – Social media is an amazing place to meet fellow bosses & babes in the same boat but it can be a distraction at the same time. How many times have you sat to work only to get distracted by a friend who tagged you in a meme or someone just posted a new pic on Instagram & you suddenly lost in the scroll game "again"? Turn those damn notifications off! Put your phone away in a drawer or turn it upside down if you working on your laptop or desktop. Resist the urge to check it every 5 minutes. You've got work to do!

Don’t repeatedly check your emails – Make a habit of answering all your emails at the end of the day instead of replying them while working. It’s more of wasting time than multi-tasking.

Use a timer – Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique??! I recently came across this brilliant idea to set aside time for a specific task. Let's suppose you have 2 email follow-ups & 2 text follow-ups with your potential customers and they are going to take 30 minutes altogether. Set your timer for 30 minutes and just focus on the task at hand! You'll be surprised how quickly and efficiently you can get sh*t done when you just focusing on 1 task than multi-tasking. 

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Here's a bonus tip to boss up - Organize your workspace and shut the door – If you spending more than 60 secs to look for something on your work desk, then you are disorganized. Period. Make sure you organize your desk at the end of the day and shut the door before you leave the room. This will signal your brain that the work for the day is done & now you can focus your energy on being with your family, hanging out with friends & chillin'.

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Being busy means doing stuff, being productive means getting stuff done! - Unknown. 

Remember this - you are the captain of your life. Make sure you take charge than let the winds of busy-ness sail you off your path.

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